You Benefit from Carrying Niche Insurance Policies

Employment agency insurance

Employment agency insurance has several important differences from other types of business liability insurance. For example, the industry experiences a higher rate of workers compensation claims than most others. Here are a few ways that you are likely to gain an advantage by using a niche provider over an umbrella-style company.


The first thing on most business operators’ mind is often the bottom line. Few other things come before it, so do what’s right for your bottom line by choosing a specialized insurance provider. In the off chance that these companies don’t offer you the lowest quote, take some time to examine the protections you’re receiving from a non-specialist company. The policy from the employment agency insurance company will likely entail a more complete loss mitigation strategy.

Personalized Service

You’re unlikely to be any insurance provider’s only client: If you are, then in the vast majority of cases that casts some serious doubts on the insurer’s feasibility. However, it’s always better when you can feel like you’re an insurance company’s top priority. Partnering with an organization that knows the staffing industry goes a long way towards attentive and relevant service calls.

There’s no rule saying you have to choose a specialized employment agency insurance company if you work in the staffing business. However, a better value for your premium and better service are just two of the benefits you gain by using an insurance firm with staffing experience.