Why You Need Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

truck cargo insurance coverage

Truckers keep the country’s logistics and supply systems operating smoothly. Without their tireless efforts, cargo and supplies would not reach their intended destinations. However, freight may be lost or damaged in transit or housed in a warehouse, cargo and liability insurance covers the transporter’s financial responsibility.

Provisions and Risks

Review your policy with a licensed agent to be sure that you understand all covered and non-covered items. The right questions can ensure your risks are properly addressed in your policy. Motor truck cargo insurance may include some or all of the following:

  • Insure cargo in your warehouse or terminal
  • Generally provided on scheduled vehicle basis
  • Tailored to your operations
  • Available on a blanket basis

Coinsurance and Costs

The cost of your policy depends on the number of vehicles, cargo type and trucking operation. Speak with your agent or broker to ensure you understand what coinsurance or deductibles may be required in the event of a claim. Insurance helps cover the transporter in the event a published tariff, contract or bill of lading disclosure is overlooked.

Cargo and liability insurance can protect you from being responsible for freight that is damaged or lost. Keep your assets from dwindling by getting the liability your specific operation needs. Annual evaluations can ensure your policy is up-to-date and covers any changing exposures.