Is Your Vape Shop Insured?

business insurance for vape shops

Vape shops are relatively new to the market and sell products that conventional commercial insurance agencies may consider hard-to-place risks. Regardless, shop owners may need business insurance for vape shops in order to protect their investments and shield themselves from liability claims.

Types of Coverage

Commercial general liability coverage can help to protect any type of business from broad claims involving bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising liability. A provider that specializes in business insurance for vape shops can help to ensure that coverage is truly comprehensive.

Unique Liabilities

Owners of vape shops should look for insurance agents that are aware of the exposures in this line of business and offer suitable types and levels of coverage to protect their clients. The right service should be able to offer coverage for risks related to importing and distributing e-cigarette or vaporizer devices and supplies including atomizers, e-liquid and accessories.

Specialized Agencies

For the best coverage possible, look for an agency that specializes in this unique line of business, offers a range of limits suitable to the size of your operation and even entertains coverage for smaller risks.

Obtaining a sufficient level of business insurance for vape shops can be a significant step toward operating successfully in this growing market.