Valet Service for Your House Party

Valet Service

When you are planning a party, parking is usually a forgotten detail. Valet parking for house party events provides guests with an upscale experience.

Consider the following when planning parking for your event.

Available Space

Look at places where cars can be parked. If street parking is necessary, let your neighbors know you will be having a party. You may be able to use a nearby church or public park, but be sure to contact the proper authorities before doing so. Include parking information on your invitations, so your guests aren’t driving around wondering where to park.


A valet parking service will set up signs indicating valet service is available and directing guests where it is. A valet also stands at a podium to run the operation and store the keys.


Valets should look professional, typically in a white shirt and black pants.

Arrival Times

Count how many guests are attending. Will they be arriving at different times or all at once? Plan accordingly to determine the number of valets needed.


Ensure your valet parking service company has a current certificate of insurance, so you and your guests are protected.

Valet parking for house party events is a great way to help your guests enjoy a memorable evening.