The World Wide Advantages of Having Your Cargo Covered by Insurance

truck cargo insurance coverage

If you consider how much freight is being shipped around the world and the number of risks each fleet will face daily, its no wonder why so many companies are turning to truck cargo insurance coverage for help.

In Which Circumstances Is Cargo Covered By Insurance?

Here are a few ways cargo can be protected by the Motor Truck Cargo liability package.

  1. Warehouse or Terminal Storage Protection Freight can become damaged inside of a warehouse or terminal if equipment malfunctions or if they are packed incorrectly.
  2. Moving Cargo for Transit Some cargo may have packaging come loose on the shipment as it is being lifted into a truck or there may be a simple misstep with equipment while loading.
  3. Cargo Currently in Transit As freight moves around on the road, there’s a high possibility of items inside boxes to become damaged or even lost at the wrong terminal.
  4. Combining Packages or Partnering With Other Delivery Services When cargo is delivered part of the way with the help of another transport vehicle, the responsibility for lost or damaged packages remains with the initial transport service.
  5. Delayed Delivery of Cargo Rescheduling the delivery of a package may change the routes or time at which the freight arrives to a terminal, causing lost packages along the way.
  6. Damages Sustained to Packages via Fire, Collision or Minor Accidents If anything out of the ordinary happens to fragile freight at any point of its delivery, truck cargo insurance coverage will protect it.