3 Benefits of Textile Advantage

Anyone whose business works with linen and uniforms knows how important it is to secure insurance for the textile industry. Here are three key benefits of the Textile Advantage insurance program that caters to this industry.

1. Industry-Specific Coverage

There are plenty of things that can go wrong in the commercial textile laundering and supply business. Textile Advantage offers a wide range of coverage options that can be tailored to your specific business, including auto coverage for your vehicle fleet, replacement of industrial laundering equipment, and water backup.

2. Business Protection

Businesses in any industry have a variety of insurance needs. Whether it’s business income lost, workers’ compensation, or a general umbrella liability policy, the Textile Advantage Insurance program provides comprehensive protection to keep your company up and running, whatever challenges it faces.

3. Legitimacy and Knowledge

Trusting your insurer’s experience is important, especially in an industry as involved as textiles. Textile Advantage is a subsidiary program of Irving Weber Associates, Inc., a prominent partner of several different associations within the industry that has been handling claims for over seventy years.

Insurance should be a major concern for any business owner. Reliable and efficient coverage is one key to overseeing a successful textiles company. Knowing that practically every aspect of your business is insured sufficiently with Textile Advantage can help you sleep soundly at night.

Professional Liability Insurance for Staffing Agencies

If personnel placed by your employment agency engage in illegal behavior in the workplace or fail to meet a contract’s conditions, you may be held accountable. Professional liability insurance for staffing agencies protects you from expenses associated with legal claims filed against you.

Does Your Staffing Agency Need Liability Insurance?

All staffing firms need professional liability coverage. The three main types of exposure your agency might face are the following:

  • Failure to provide proper, skilled workers to the client
  • Financial loss to the client resulting from work performed by an employee you placed
  • Professional negligence occurring within additional services supplied by your staffing company

What Does Professional Liability Insurance Cover?

This type of insurance provides essential protection if an employee or business sues your company for professional mistakes. It can be quite costly to defend yourself from legal actions, even if your business is not at fault.

Professional liability insurance for staffing agencies┬ácovers court costs and attorney fees. It will also likely cover lost income and any client’s settlements you are required to pay.

The services that staffing agencies offer leave them vulnerable to some significant liability risks.

An employment service business works with employers and employees and therefore has an obligation to both parties. Professional liability insurance can keep your company running while addressing unexpected legal matters.

What Kinds of Insurance Do Cannabis Companies Need?

The cannabis industry is very diverse, so there are a lot of individual insurance options that are only needed by specific businesses. For example, a transportation company specializing in delivery from the manufacturer to the retail dispensary will need commercial vehicle coverages that most retail operations just don’t have to carry. Similarly, growers and other manufacturers need specific agricultural and food manufacturing insurance options that they share with businesses that have similar operations in non-cannabis industries like snack foods. They do have some common coverage options they share, though.

Understanding the Needs of Cannabis Businesses

General liability and public liability policies look a little different for some cannabis businesses than they do for many other operations, in part because many businesses in this sector need additional coverage related to the industry’s access to financial resources and the risk of interference with the operation by federal officials or other sources. They also sometimes need additional coverage against crime and employee theft that are uncommon in related industries that work with less restricted substances. The best way to make sure you have the right mix of cannabis industry insurance options is to work with a provider who can build a custom policy around the needs of your company. That gives you exactly the right insurance, no matter what part of the cannabis industry you participate in.