Safeguard Your Clients’ Trust in Your Firm

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Check the headlines at any time and you’re sure to see scandal-worthy, horrific tales of workplace abuse and harassment. As a staffing, ASO or PEO firm, you value your employees and strive to create a safe, welcoming workplace for all. You also vet your hires to ensure that they place the same importance on professionalism, poise, equality and respect that you do. Yet regardless of your own careful actions, it’s still essential to protect yourself by adding abusive acts liability to your staffing insurance solution.

What Is Abusive Acts Liability?

Besides damaging your firm’s reputation, a contract employee who causes harm by violating a client’s trust can also cost you money. Significant financial losses can result from abuse allegations, particularly if they result in:


  • Physical injuries
  • Sickness or disease
  • Mental anguish and injury
  • Death 

Beyond that, abusive acts can impact the targeted party’s long-term mental health and professional prospects. Abusive acts liability in your staffing insurance usually covers several kinds of expenses related to third party claims:

  • Investigation and counseling
  • Media consulting or public relations issues
  • Litigation or regulatory fees
  • Medical treatmentEnhanced Risk Management Strategies

    Your risk management picture is multifaceted, thanks to the several avenues of liability your staffing firm can incur. It’s critical to maintain resources that support your business’s mission and values. Including abusive acts liability coverage can ensure that relationships with your clients can continue based on support and mutual trust.