Regatta Insurance and You

For the boat lover, running a marina can be a dream come true. If you’re in California, marina insurance is a necessity for your marina business. If your marina holds regattas, you might need extra coverage, as well. Whether the regatta is just for your members or is open to the public, make sure you have the proper coverage in place before the fun begins.

Why You Need Regatta Liability Insurance

Regatta liability insurance is the minimum coverage a marina needs to have in place when hosting a regatta. Your insurance agent can explain the coverage this liability insurance provides, and if it’s adequate to meet the California marina insurance requirements for holding a regatta.

What Regatta Insurance Covers

In general, regatta liability covers yachts and other boats from the moment they leave their mornings or anchorages to the time they return to them after a race. It’s important to remember that the protection provided by this policy only covers incidents that happen during race related activities. Other types of insurances cover accidents and other occurrences that take place outside of the racing environment.

When you’re planning a regatta in California, marina insurance is something you need to think about from the opening stages. By getting the proper coverage, your participants are protected and so are you.