Reasons To Have Dog Liability Policy

pet liability insurance

Your dog is more than just a pet to you. It can be a comforter, a confidante and a friend. When others experience your dog as less than friendly, however, pet liability insurance can help cover the costs. Most people think that the only reason you need liability coverage for your dog is if it bites someone, but there are many instances where liability insurance for your pet can come in handy.

Your dog may be docile most of the time, but when animals get scared, they sometimes act out of character and lash out. The dog may not even have to bite to cause an issue. Even the threat of biting can land your furry friend in isolation until an agreement can be reached. If your dog gets excited and scratches or knocks someone over, they can sue you for the damages caused. Car accidents that are caused by your pet can also result in legal issues for you.

Pet liability insurance helps you cover the legal costs associated with problems allegedly caused by the behavior of your pet. Whether your dog actually bites someone or just scares him or her, it is better to be on the safe side and have a policy in place to protect you and your pet.