Quick Guide to Transportation Insurance

Texas, cargo liability coverage

When looking for transportation insurance in Texas, cargo liability coverage can be an important part of a short- and long-haul trucking professional’s plan. Specialized protections are often available for individuals and companies in the industry. It is important to consider that coverage may extend to cover assets, employees and property.

Assessing risk is one of the most important reasons to consider transportation insurance. In particular, cargo liability can insure the freight or commodity carried by a hired transportation operation. The freight inside a truck is considered cargo. Many policies can cover cargo lost to collision, fire or striking of a load. In Texas, cargo liability coverage may include protection against physical loss or damage to the freight. This can help manage the inconvenience and financial impact in the event of lost or damaged cargo.

Whether traveling across town or across Texas, cargo liability coverage may be a cost-effective way for a trucker or transportation company to cover the goods carried, while also providing peace of mind to customers. Talking to a qualified insurance provider should be part of a company or individual’s transportation insurance review. If it’s moving household goods, transporting sand and gravel, or towing vehicles, a comprehensive cargo liability policy can provide protection for those working in the transportation industry.