Protect Your Watercraft


The value of watercraft goes beyond just the price tag. Think about the enjoyment you can get from using a watercraft with your family or coworkers during a long, hot summer. In addition, with fuel, maintenance, and up-front costs, watercraft are too valuable to risk leaving uninsured

Are Watercraft Covered Under General Insurance?

Unfortunately, most general insurance policies are lacking when it comes to vehicles such as air or watercraft. Making sure all your watercraft is covered is of utmost importance in the summer months. As waterways grow crowded with boaters and you are spending more time on the water, it becomes vital to protect your vehicles from amateur boaters and random damage.

If you use your craft during the colder months, coverage remains important as poor water conditions pose another risk, especially to smaller and lighter watercraft.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

If you or your business operate any waterborne vehicles, then it may be wise to get your watercraft liability coverage via a specialized company. Such companies use endorsements to have your vehicles added to your general insurance policy. If your watercraft operations are extensive, you might also consider purchasing marine liability insurance in order to offset or eliminate the cost of wreckage removal, fuel spill liability, and towing.

Marine liability plans are available for house, sail, and pontoon boats as well as various other watercraft. Having insurance will help give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your summer on the water.