Protect Your Employment Agency With the Right Coverage

Staff insurance

Running a staffing agency, you are responsible for finding candidates for the right positions at the organizations you contract with. Although you hope every employee will work out for your clients, this is not always the case. Staff insurance protects your organization in the event you are held liable for an inopportune situation.

Situations These Policies Cover

There are three main types of incidences staff insurance covers, and they include the following:

  1. Services provided—This generally refers to the services the staffing agency provides to the client beyond employment.
  2. Work performed—If a contract worker makes mistakes at the business they work for, the staffing agency may be held responsible. Generally speaking, this is the most common form of claim filed against staffing agencies.
  3. Placement—This involves the agency’s inability to find the right candidate for a contracting business.

By acquiring staff insurance, you protect your agency’s best interests and ensure that financial harm is not imposed on your organization in case a client holds you liable for an error.

Obtain a Policy Today

It is never too early or too late to obtain a staffing insurance policy for your organization. Contact an insurance provider in your area as soon as possible if your operations currently lack this essential insurance.