Production Complexities Need Special Insurance

Video production insurance

Running a video production is fast and complex, like the life-cycle of a fruit fly. A whole life is happening but it is all accelerated in a way that humans don’t typically function. You start everything from conception, coordinating teams of people with different specializations to make the production live, and then you close at all down and remove all those individual pieces that made the whole. It’s just so fast and encompasses so many little pieces, surely running a widget factory would be easier. However, widgets are not nearly as exciting as your final product. Video production insurance is necessary to protect your investment and it needs to be just as unique as your production.

Insurance needs for a video production are so much more than just insuring your equipment from breakage and theft. The right insurer understands that what seems like a small dollar problem, such as repair for failed equipment, may lead to expensive re-shoots. An unexpected obstacle at any point in the process has exponential cost consequences. That is why you need video production insurance that meets your unusual needs. It’s important to find an experienced insurer who understands production so well that they can find all those little unique opportunities for risk and help you get the right coverage for both general liability and professional liability.