Extracted Cannabis

Marijuana and cannabis are now legally available in more than half of the states in the country. Cannabis is even more readily available because of its highly touted medical benefits. Although there are several ways to glean its beneficial effects a lot of people prefer high-quality oil.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is extracted from cannabis plants, which are commonly referred to as marijuana or hemp plants. These plants have gained their historic notoriety primarily for being smoked, but oil can be extracted from these same plants and turned into highly potent medicinal liquid. Oil is much more concentrated than flowers and is known to have over 100 active ingredients.

Benefits of Oil

Cannabis oil can be applied directly to the skin and is absorbed more quickly than most other forms of marijuana. It is often manufactured into a salve which is more convenient and transportable than oil. You can find these products at several retailers, such as King Harvest. These oils have been credited for helping with several ailments, including but not limited to:


Are There Psychoactive Side Effects?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is completely different than cannabis, no matter what form it’s in. THC what is known to produce psychoactive side effects. Cannabis does not make you high.

Protect Your Workers No Matter What Boat They’re On

When considering which insurance options to pursue the needs of your business, it can be important to look beyond what is required by law. Maritime employers liability endorsement is not required by federal or state standards, but many business owners find it to be a crucial bit of protection against the unknown.

Coverage Standards

To know whether or not this is a good fit for your needs, it can help to first have a general understanding of the basics. Essentially, this type of insurance covers workers who are on vessels owned by people or entities other than your business. As seen on the Merrimac website, this type of insurance covers a few key areas including:

Loss of life
Illness contracted while on the vessel
Injuries sustained on vessel
Multiple Boats at Once

This type of coverage can be a huge help to those who have many employees working across a number of boats at the same time. No matter which vessel your crew might be tending to, this type of insurance helps to protect them from any unforeseen disasters that might occur.
Taking out the right policy can make a huge difference to your business. You need to make sure that you and your employees are always protected. Explore how this unique type of liability coverage can help your business and see how you can make positive changes right away.

Insurance Coverage for Arcadia Businesses and Residents

Residents and businesses of the San Gabriel Valley can rest easy with Arcadia insurance services behind them. Insurance plans are here to help protect the sense of community in this area and provide support for times when unexpected situations arise, whether it is in your personal life or your business.

Policies With Your Best Interests In Mind

Arroyo’s headquarters in Arcadia helps clients with both personal and professional insurance services. These policies are designed to protect and help mitigate risks individuals and businesses face, including claims of human errors and damage from natural disasters. Your personal life can benefit from the following policies:

Auto insurance
Homeowner’s insurance
Life insurance
Recreational vehicle insurance
Watercraft insurance
Motorhome insurance

Businesses also need insurance plans to be protected from lawsuits and other damages that may happen during the course of your work. This includes policies for workers’ compensation, cybersecurity, general and professional liability, auto insurance or any other policy specifically for business. The following are some industries these policies can cover:

Real estate
Auto dealers
Protection When You Need It Most

You can protect your personal life or your business, or both, with Arcadia insurance services. When you do, you can enjoy the priceless benefit of having peace of mind knowing you are covered in times of need.

Tips for Improving Your Workers Comp Process

No matter how many precautions you might take with your business, accidents can happen. Knowing how to respond to these problems can make all the difference for your future. Above all else, you need to have a clear understanding of indemnity costs workers compensation and how you should be reacting immediately following an accident.

Fast Action

Prolonging a claim can create serious complications down the line. According to the professionals at https://www.nsins.com, the best way to get the most from your coverage is by reporting a claim as soon as an accident occurs. A failure to do this can cause a number of problems including:

Escalating costs
Increased odds of denial
Costly litigation
Protect Your Team

Outside of the financial costs to your company, these accidents also have a negative impact on your internal employees. An injury can lower morale and make other workers feel unsafe. Use this time to talk to your team and refresh everyone on your company’s safety standards. This is a great time to calm fears by providing helpful information about avoiding accidents in the future.
When you know what steps to take after a member of your team is injured in the workplace, it can make all the difference for your company. Take action right away and report the claim to see the best results from your compensation policy.

Financial Problems Caused by a Data Breach

With the influence of technology in all areas of the economy, few industries are immune to the threat of cybercrime. Many companies mistakenly assume that the financial industry is the most susceptible to cyberattack because of the funds and personal information used and stored on cloud-based servers, but as Caitlin Morgan Insurance warns, anyone who takes online payments, stores information digitally, or relies on electronic communication is at risk. A cyber liability insurance policy is one way to address these concerns.

The Cost of a Data Breach

Although there is loss associated with whatever is destroyed or taken during a data breach, there are several other areas that can financially devastate a company. These include:

The costs associated with repairing the physical security features of the business.
The loss of profits due to company shutdowns.
Reduced profits due to client loss and damaged company reputation.
Expenses association with notifying all stakeholders, clients, regulatory agencies, legal teams, and law enforcement.
By carrying a comprehensive cyber liability policy, there is financial assistance in the event of a breach. These policies are designed to assist with the losses experienced, as well as partially cover the cost of legal or settlement requirements. These services vary according to the policy.
It is unwise to think your company is safe from cyberattack. The use of tablets or devices, servers, and digital communication makes every business a target for hackers and the dark web.

Giving Drivers Peace and Security

Giving Drivers Peace and Security

Drivers know there are risks that come with driving. Auto insurance companies in CT understand your concerns and offer insurance policies that give you peace of mind whenever you get behind the wheel. That way, you can drive without worries.

Policy Coverage Options

You deserve a policy that keeps you safe on the road. That’s why auto insurance companies in CT offer a range of policies for you to choose from. The following is a list of coverage options for you to include in an auto insurance policy:



Medical payments

Uninsured or underinsured drivers



There are also additional coverage areas, including full glass coverage, insurance for rental cars and towing. An insurance agent can discuss the full range of coverage options for you to choose from, so you can build a policy that provides you with the protection you need to feel safe while driving.

Keeping Drivers Safe in Connecticut

Auto insurance was designed to provide adequate protection for drivers, passengers and vehicles out on the road. Auto insurance companies in CT understand the risks involved with driving and the concerns drivers have, which is why these companies offer policies tailored to your needs. The right policy can help you feel safe while driving and keep you protected in the event of an accident.

Why E and O Insurance is Necessary for Agent Protection

It’s important to have proper insurance coverage depending on one’s profession. This includes E and O for insurance agents since they can run into problems when performing work for their clients. Also called errors and omission, this is common in any business that involves drafting or creating a policy. Here’s why it’s a valuable asset to have.

E and O Covers Mistakes

Although mistakes happen in just about any job setting, it’s possible a gross or negligent mistake can occur that costs a company or individual a lot of money. Having E and O insurance means the agent is protected and can keep on working without fear of repercussions.

Having This Coverage Protects in a Lawsuit

For agents that find themselves involved in a lawsuit, having E and O insurance means they’ll be protected from losing their own personal money should they accidentally make a mistake. In some cases, individuals and business owners can lose anything of value they personally own when they aren’t insured. This protection makes it possible to keep business out of one’s personal life.

When looking for coverage, E and O for insurance agents are important to have. It can protect against a variety of mistakes while allowing individuals to hold on to their money and continue to work.

3 Ways To Grow Your Laundry Business

When starting your own laundry business, whether it’s dry cleaning, coin-operated, something else or a mix, it’s important to have a clear laundry service business plan. Before beginning or making a change to grow, get an exact idea of what you would like to do based on your situation.

Find a Solid Insurance Plan

Look into policies that aim specifically towards your needs. Laundry business insurance programs exist with a focus on fabric care and various clothing cleaning services. By choosing this type of insurance as a part of your laundry service business plan, you can ensure that any problems you may face can be covered by your insurance.

Figure Out Who You’ll Serve Most

Any business has a target market. In terms of laundry care, this can be quite broad, but will usually narrow down to groups such as younger adults living in dorms or small spaces without washing machines, busy families needing a quick and convenient way to wash a lot of clothing, elderly persons who may not have the ability to do laundry on their own, etc.

Make Your Business Stand Out

When you have an idea of the type of customers you’ll want to attract, think of ways to grab their attention above other services as part of your laundry service business plan. For example, if you have people who likely can’t handle everything on their own, offer professional services to do their laundry for them.

Considerations for Cleaning Services

Considerations for Cleaning Services

When schedules are cramped, or space needs special attention, cleaning services are a popular choice for many residences or businesses. Though basic housekeeping may be manageable for the average person, this might not be an option for those pressed for time or needing the job done on an expert level. Because of this, professional cleaning services are often sought after. However, like all businesses, all cleaning services are not equal. If you currently have or are considering running your own, it is important to stand out from the competition and protect your assets with cleaning service insurance.

Types of Jobs

While you may have control of the type of jobs you want to take on, it is helpful to understand the market and the potential clients that may require your services. Cleaning services are often tasked with the following responsibilities:

Everyday housekeeping
Deep cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis
Preparing areas for inspection
Using specialized equipment to perform tasks


The cleaning industry needs coverage like other businesses but getting a plan that’s tailor-made can be very useful. Specialized cleaning service insurance can help ensure that the unique exposures that those in this business face are covered in case there are any damages, equipment failure or other risks while on the job. Before even accepting clients, it is advised to make sure to establish this coverage.

3 Questions to Ask Regarding Insurance for Your Valet Services

The professional field of valet services is fast-growing, so ask your insurance company these three questions to protect your business now and in the future.

1. What Events Are Covered by General Liability?

One of the most important insurance areas to cover for your valet business is the general liability sector. Accidents can happen to even the most organized business owners or managers, so make sure your business is protected in the eventuality that one of your valet drivers accidentally hits another vehicle or a pedestrian.

2. What Options Are Available for Workers Compensation?

Like most businesses today, if you hire employees then it is a valuable idea to make sure you are up-to-date on your state’s requirements for workers compensation. Further, safeguard your company and employees with a valet insurance policy that can cover disability or medical coverage if they are hurt while on the job.

3. What Garage Liability Plans Are on the Market?

The majority of the time a client’s vehicle is in your care, it will likely be in a parking lot or garage deck. Therefore, research insurance policies that include coverage for potentially damaging events that can happen while the vehicle is parked, such as theft or collision. While you focus on returning vehicles in the condition you received them, you can relax knowing your insurance plan is protecting your business.

By understanding the unique aspects of your company operations, you can ask the right questions and find a valet insurance plan tailored to protect your business, employees and clients’ property.