Oil Field Coverage for Business Owners

New Mexico oil field insurance

As a business owner, you understand the importance of reliable insurance coverage. You can obtain generic cookie cutter policies from large scale agencies which leave you under protected or paying premiums for packages you do not need, or you can contact a New Mexico oil field insurance agency to create specific policies that work for you.

Creating Need-Specific Packages

Oil fields require different protection than a regular business. A few policies to consider when working with a qualified agency include:

Pollution Liability: This liability protection safeguards your interests in case of oil leaks or product contamination.

Worker’s Compensation: This coverage takes care of employees who undergo illnesses and accidents during working hours.

Commercial Auto: Commercial auto coverage can protect your entire fleet of vehicles during transportation and construction when they cause damages to property or other motor vehicles.

Many agencies can also offer errors & omissions, general liability, inland marine and bonds. They can also work to build comprehensive coverage that caters to your New Mexico business.

New Mexico is one of the leading providers of oil in the country. However, taking advantage of this business opportunity can backfire if you do not protect your personal assets with New Mexico oil field insurance. Contact an insurance agent to get dependable protection.