Navigate Staffing Industry Risks With Workers Compensation Insurance

staffing agency insurance

Due to the range of industries they work with, staffing agencies can be liable for a wide array of issues. While insurance covering services, labor and placement can be vital, Workers’ Compensation staffing agency insurance can also prove imperative.

Common Claims

Almost 20 percent of days spent away from work can be accounted for by truck operators, law enforcement officers, custodians and healthcare professionals. While accidents may occur in any line of employment, they often vary depending on the environment and duties performed. The following are some of the most common:

  • Falls, trips or slips. Wet floors and icy walkways are a few of the most frequent causes of slip and fall incidents. Workers may also tumble down stairs or off of roofs, ladders or elevated workspaces.
  • Bodily reaction injuries. Slipping and tripping may not always produce a fall. However, sprained or twisted ankles and harm to other extremities can still result.
  • Excessive exertion. Frequently seen in physical labor positions such as construction, law enforcement and factory work, excessive exertion can injure joints and muscles. Typical causes include pushing, lifting, throwing or pulling beyond reasonable movement range.

Appropriate Coverage

Accidents can happen at any time. Holding top quality Workers’ Compensation staffing agency insurance can help to protect against unforeseen, costly and damaging occurrences. In the event of illness or injury, policies cover lost wages, rehabilitation, medical expenses, death benefits and permanent disability. Experienced insurance companies can help to ensure that proper coverage is in place so staffing agencies can direct their focus where it belongs.