Insuring All Aspects of the Entertainment Industry

entertainment insurance

Your clients in the entertainment industry need a comprehensive and cost-effective insurance program for live, and non-live, entertainment, sports, and events activities. They count on you to provide them with entertainment insurance solutions to address many of their unique risks found in many sectors of the entertainment industry.

Their concerns may lie with any negative event, from a violent storm that causes mayhem during a game, or costly transportation delays, to fire, theft, or even vandalism that can cancel or delay a production. Whatever the issue, they’ll want to know they’re covered.

How often will they encounter an equipment breakdown that delays a baseball game, or some obstacle that brings a halt to an expensive film production? If a stage collapses and people are injured, without insurance, the cost of several lawsuits could put even a major corporation in jeopardy.

Big budget entertainment adversely affected

Tom Cruise was recently injured while filming a stunt for the latest “Mission Impossible” movie. Over the years we’ve heard about actors, actresses and even stunt persons being involved in fatal accidents while filming big budget movies. In an industry that’s increasingly high-tech and high-risk, film producers need insurance solutions that address the exposures they face during the course of business on a daily basis. From documentaries to feature films, to commercials and other types of entertainment productions, having the right policy makes a huge difference.

Risk management should be at the forefront of every industry because nothing can reduce your cost of presumed risks like effective loss control techniques. Insurers with the knowledge required to address the needs of the entertainment industry are a big part of the equation. This requires sector-specific risk management training, along with years of practical on-site experience. The entertainment industry is a vast network of different specialized areas, from water and theme parks, to stage and television, to sports and gaming and much, much more.

Don’t just offer your clients a program that’s meant to protect them, keep it under constant review to insure that coverage remains adequate at all times. You want them to know that their costs are monitored and that your service is, and will remain, of the highest quality.