How to Plan a Long-Distance Truck Haul Route

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers rarely work conventional hours, but they need effective ways to manage their routes. They are an essential component of the American economy. How long can a truck driver drive and other questions are answered below:

Drive Time

As seen on, there is a 14-hour rule for truck drivers including both related truck work and drive time. Afterward, the driver must take a 10-hour break. For example, a driver can drive for eight hours, take a half-hour break then drive an additional three hours. The driver can eat, exercise or nap during breaks.

Route Considerations

While a straight line may make a faster time, there are other considerations when planning a route. The driver should keep an eye out for construction zones, accidents and school zones along any routes. Avoiding these things can decrease the amount of time it takes you to finish the haul.

Weather Considerations

When planning a route, the driver should take note of any weather issues they may encounter along the way. Try to avoid heavy storms with high winds as these can increase the risk of rollovers. In addition, bad weather can slow down the amount of time it takes to reach the destination.

The answer to how long can a truck driver drive is 11 hours in a 14-hour period with few exceptions. Until the DOT changes this rule, drivers can expect to follow these guidelines and should plan their routes accordingly.