How to Handle Copyright Infringement with Errors and Omissions Coverage

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Copyright infringement can occur in any industry. Even if the individual responsible for the infringement has never seen or heard what they copied, it can still be a legal issue. Here’s how errors and omissions insurance in NJ can protect against further problems for the company and everyone involved.

Insurance Can Protect From the Day It Occurred

It’s important to have insurance that protects the company from the supposed issue starting on the day it occurred. By getting coverage right away before anything happens, there’s no need to worry about backdating the insurance or paying a certain amount out of pocket. Although some business owners might consider it an additional expense, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Amount of Protection Can Be Customized

Different industries require more protection than others. Those that involve creative arts such as writing, drawing, or even coding can put themselves in greater danger of infringement issues. Choosing a higher amount of coverage for errors and omissions offers greater protection. Those that are not as at-risk can pick a lower amount that better suits their needs.

Errors and omissions insurance in NJ can protect a variety of businesses in different industries from experiencing problems related to accidental copyright infringement. Having this on hand can prevent a company from losing money or going out of business, all over a simple accident.