Hire the Best to Be the Best

Hire the Best to Be the Best

Now that you’ve got your agency off the ground, you’re ready to add on. It’s time to bring on some associates and grow your business. You just need to figure out how to hire great insurance agents. Hiring the best means finding the best. So what are you looking for? Here’s some of the qualities of the best of the best, to help you narrow the field.


Young and Eager

It goes without saying that the best salespeople are the ones that are excited to do their jobs. You might find that that excitement starts to wear down in folks that have been in the industry a long time. Bring on some fresh new faces and you can train them in the ways you want them to grow. As an added bonus, those that are just coming out of college won’t break your bank on payday.


Personality Matters

Studies show that the best salespeople are those in the middle of the range insofar as extroversion goes. Clients want an insurance agent that knows how to listen, not just talk. Make sure you’re fully staffed with individuals that can use their active listening and critical thinking skills to your benefit.


Pay Matters

Commission based employees have added incentive to do well – it impacts their wallet. So make sure your base pay isn’t the most lucrative part of the deal. Seek out those sales people that want commission. They’re the ones that want an opportunity to make money for your agency.


But Ignore the License Issue

Unless your state requires that your sales staff hold their own license, don’t let a lack of a license impact your hiring process. Even if it does, a license can be obtained after hiring. Find the best people for the job, not the best piece of paper for the person. Don’t pass up an opportunity to hire a rock star agent just because you might have to invest a little bit into him.

Focusing on the right people for the job can help you figure out how to hire great insurance agents and grow your business in the right way.