Financial Relief for Those Who’ll Miss You Most

Life insurance can be important for a family’s financial stability, particularly with the death of a primary wage earner. End of life expenses can create financial strain on a family when they’re least prepared to deal with it. Catholic Foresters understands that families need time to grieve without money worries piling up.

Final expense life insurance can be an affordable option to prepare for end-of-life expenses, particularly for individuals on fixed incomes. It can be easy to qualify, and a medical exam may not be required. Flexible payment options may be available for this straightforward type of insurance policy.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral cost is around $11,000, which may be more than a family can comfortably cover. Beneficiaries may use insurance payouts to cover expenses such as funeral and burial costs, medical bills, hospice care or personal debts owed by the deceased.

While it may not be easy to make end of life plans, it can be helpful to prepare for the future by protecting your loved ones from financial strain and the problems that come along with trying to cover large, unforeseen expenses. Catholic Foresters can help you give your family and friends the ability to honor your memory and celebrate your life without worrying about additional financial obligations.