Fill the Gap in Business Liability Coverage

Non Owned Automobile Insurance

You have conscientiously tried to protect your business against potentially damaging liability claims. After careful study, you have added a variety of special endorsements or free-standing policies to a business insurance package that already includes general liability coverage.

Errors & omissions: Check
Directors & officers: Check
Business auto: Check
Commercial umbrella liability: Check, check, check

Hired and Non Owned Automobile Insurance?

Probably not, which is why you should ask yourself if you can imagine any scenario when an employee might drive a personal vehicle or a rental car on behalf of the business. Do you ever send an employee out to pick up lunch for the office? To drop a client at the airport? To deliver a document across town?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you face great exposure in the event of an accident. Business auto liability provides protection only if an employee is driving a company-owned vehicle. If said employee is driving his or her own car or a rental vehicle, all bets are off.

What Is Covered

Hired and non owned automobile insurance can be added as an endorsement to a business auto policy or to a general liability policy. Coverage typically includes:

  • Claims of bodily injuries and/or damages caused to a third party by a vehicle driven by your employee
  • Defense of lawsuits

Don’t wait for an accident. Protect your company with hired and non owned automobile insurance today.