Ensure Quality of Life to the End

Hospice insurance programs

Taking care of those near the end of their life with care and compassion, making sure they’re comfortable and emotionally supported, is a noble job with a lot of responsibility. In order to make sure this is able to be done, hospice facilities need to protect their business and employees. Hospice insurance programs are designed to add an extra layer of protection, offering coverage in situations where problems were unavoidable.

Claims Against the Business and Employees

There can be a variety of cases that may lead to lawsuits against the business or its employees. Claims of negligence, errors, abuse, HIPAA violations, improper billing, etc. can lead to someone taking legal action against the hospice.

On-Premises Injuries and Damages

Whether it’s an employee, visitor or patient, general liability and other policies can cover medical fees and property damage. As hospice facilities run day-long, there’s an extended period of time where someone can be harmed by falling or slipping, patients can act out and injure themselves or others and numerous other risks are present.

Automobile Damages and Accidents

Whether you have commercial vehicles or allow employees to use their private cars for business, travel and transportation is an extended liability. If someone causes an accident when driving for the hospice, then the business will have to cover it.

These are only a few situations where hospice insurance programs may be able to cover for financial loss. To stay in business and continue caring for patients, find a program that works for you.