Employers Liability Coverage

Stop gap insurance coverage

For a business that operates in Ohio, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Washington, monopolistic insurance coverage for Workers’ Compensation can be both a blessing and a curse. While it may provide plenty of coverage in certain areas, it leaves employers unprotected in cases where an employee may sue for damages due to injuries related to their work. Luckily, stop gap insurance coverage is available to ensure the best and most extensive protection for employers in any monopolistic state.

What Can I Cover With Stop Gap Insurance?

There are three main options for coverage with a stop gap plan for Employers Liability. They are all widely available, but they often have different limits for each one.

  • Injury by disease for individual employees – This option will have a limit for coverage applying to each employee.
  • Injury by disease for all employees – This applies to the entire corporation as a whole rather than individual workers.
  • Injury by accident for individual accidents – This is similar to the individual injury by disease coverage and applies to each accident.

While none of these situations are ideal, it is important to be proactive in protection. Having quality coverage in each of these areas could make a big difference.

Don’t Skip the Coverage With Stop Gap Plans

Stop gap insurance coverage is critical for businesses in states with monopolistic insurance coverage. It will help employers respond appropriately to many adverse situations.