Don’t Let Accidents Cost You


No matter who you are, blunders happen. No person or company is perfect, so mistakes are bound to come about every now and then. In cases where something happens within your business, big or small, and causes problems for someone involved, claims against these accidents can often be costly. Whether it’s a directors and officers (D&O) litigation or employment practices liability (EPL), it’s best to be prepared. D&O EPL insurance can protect your company, covering legal payments that could otherwise cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

D&O Coverage

It’s becoming more common for shareholders to try and recover losses by suing people who hold management positions in a company, no matter if there’s any signs of foul play or not. D&O insurance covers personal and private assets for the company and its executives. Sometimes, bad judgements are made, but the business shouldn’t suffer.

EPL Coverage

It can be difficult to decide on when and who to layoff when it’s necessary for financial or other reasons. However, even if the intentions are legitimate, letting someone go may lead to legal action. EPL insurance can protect a company from these sorts of conflicts, covering for claims or legal costs, making sure that there’s no risk to fair employee terminations.

Often times, policies are packaged with both types of coverage. D&O EPL insurance is often important for any size business, protecting the company in cases of unavoidable mistakes or consequences.