Coverage That Every Hotel Needs

Resort hotel association insurance programs

Hotels are designed with guests’ relaxation and happiness in mind. To accomplish these goals, these businesses incur quite a bit of risk. Resort hotel association insurance programs are meant to safeguard against these risks.

To start with, hotels need extensive liability coverage. They experience a constant influx of people, both physically and virtually. Directors and Officers (D&O) liability covers legal action brought against not only hotel staff but any independent agent who works on the organization’s behalf. An umbrella liability policy can cover injuries and deaths caused by catastrophic events. Cyber liability covers legal costs sustained as a result of security breaches.

Resort hotel association insurance programs should include policies that protect everyone who enters the premises, from the guests to the staff. Crime insurance protects from losses that occur as the result of theft, embezzlement, computer fraud, robbery or other crimes. Workers’ compensation takes care of the people who take care of the hotel’s business by insuring that, if they are injured on the job, their costs will be covered so that they can get well and return to work.

The sheer volume of people who work, play, operate and enter the average hotel puts it at considerable risk. Insurance coverage for hotels has to be comprehensive enough to protect against a variety of potential hardships.