Common Claims Against Healthcare Professionals

allied health insurance

According to recent estimates, there are over six million people employed in the allied health industry and span hundreds of different professions. People working in this field could include occupational and physical therapists, radiologists, audiologists, medical assistants or nurses. Having a strong allied health insurance policy can help protect your operation from legal liability if a client or patient brings a claim against your practice or office.

Professional liability insurance is specifically tailored to non-physician care professionals, and the range of services offered by a facility open up the practice to numerous liabilities. Here are some of the more common claims against an allied health provider.

Delayed diagnosis. Even with prompt care, some conditions require delayed attention or further testing before a complete diagnosis can be issued. These delays have the potential to alter the patient’s health and create further serious harm.

Medication errors. With an improper dosage, medication side effects or over-administration can have devastating effects on a patient. This could include the wrong medication to address a patient’s illness or condition.

Surgical errors. Negligence during surgical procedures and post-op care is another common claim made against healthcare facilities.

Resolving patients claims and disputes can be time-intensive and financially devastating. Carrying an allied health insurance policy will support your facility in the event a lawsuit is filed.