When Commercial Auto Insurance Is Not Enough

hired and non-owned auto

You’d normally choose a commercial auto policy for your staffing firm’s fleet vehicles, but how do you handle property damage or bodily injury coverage if your employees are driving their own vehicles on company business? What about if they’re driving rented cars or trucks, or operating one of your clients’ fleet vehicles? Delineating which company is financially responsible can become complicated, and you need insurance that addresses these kinds of hard-to-place risks. Thankfully, the answer is simple: a hired and non-owned auto policy.

The Basics on Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability

Indemnity protection is a must if your temp workers are operating rented vehicles, your clients’ fleet automobiles or their own vehicles while conducting business for your clients or on behalf of your firm. Typically known as hired and non-owned auto liability, it covers damage to others’ property or bodily injury caused should the temp worker get into an accident. For rental vehicles, you can usually opt to add on a product called Hired Car Physical Damage to pay for any repairs to the rented automobile.

Insurance That Adapts to Modern Business Realities

Complicated insurance problems call for complex, innovative insurance solutions. Hired and non-owned auto liability is just one example of how indemnity products adapt to the 21st-century business environment. It’s prudent to consult with an experience staffing firm insurance agency to determine the best risk management strategies that secure your company’s future.