3 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Marketing strategies are important for all business. This is especially true when it comes to marketing insurance. When you pay attention to marketing trends, you’re able to come up with marketing strategies that work with new clients. Here are some ideas on how to market insurance effectively.

Social Media Advertising

Everyone uses social media. If you aren’t marketing on social media, you are missing out on reaching a wide customer base. Many social media sites make it easy for you to target your ads based on demographics, interests and other connections.

Online Reviews

Before purchasing insurance, most people will ask around. They will ask friends, family and consult the internet for reviews. Make sure that you know what the online review sites are saying about your company. The more that you know, the more you can help alter your image to fit the customer base.

Video Content

When it comes to the internet, people spend a lot of time watching videos. To use video content as an advertising strategy is bound to give you an influx of clients. Use videos to introduce your agency, explain products and to provide a statement.

When it comes to how to market insurance, it’s important to pay attention to your internet marketing strategies. Most advertisements are viewed on the internet nowadays and if you want to market insurance, you should take advantage of that.

More Than Just Insurance

There are many benefits to working through Catholic fraternal organizations when purchasing insurance or planning for retirement. Focused on serving Catholic individuals, along with their families and the business they run, these non-profit entities work to combine meeting the needs of their members with giving back to their local communities.

The investment products offered can provide different types of security for the future. Life insurance can give financial stability to families during times of loss. Certain types of annuity investments can offer flexible retirement income with no limits on funding levels and no set age at which you must begin withdrawing funds. Traditional or Roth IRA accounts can provide additional security for retirement depending on a person’s specific circumstances.

Joining the organization may be as easy as purchasing any insurance or annuity product. Proceeds from sales of these financial products may be used to fund volunteer programs that support local communities. Rather than making money for shareholders, profits may be given back to parishes, schools or community groups to fund social and charitable activities.

Insurance and retirement investment products may be available from many sources, but not all investment advisory firms give back to the community in the same way as Catholic fraternal organizations. When you’re looking for more than an insurance policy, and more than a retirement fund, talk to a representative about investment options and membership.

Financial Relief for Those Who’ll Miss You Most

Life insurance can be important for a family’s financial stability, particularly with the death of a primary wage earner. End of life expenses can create financial strain on a family when they’re least prepared to deal with it. Catholic Foresters understands that families need time to grieve without money worries piling up.

Final expense life insurance can be an affordable option to prepare for end-of-life expenses, particularly for individuals on fixed incomes. It can be easy to qualify, and a medical exam may not be required. Flexible payment options may be available for this straightforward type of insurance policy.

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral cost is around $11,000, which may be more than a family can comfortably cover. Beneficiaries may use insurance payouts to cover expenses such as funeral and burial costs, medical bills, hospice care or personal debts owed by the deceased.

While it may not be easy to make end of life plans, it can be helpful to prepare for the future by protecting your loved ones from financial strain and the problems that come along with trying to cover large, unforeseen expenses. Catholic Foresters can help you give your family and friends the ability to honor your memory and celebrate your life without worrying about additional financial obligations.