Insuring a Mobile or Manufactured Home

Many owners of traditional homes recognize the vital importance of maintaining comprehensive home insurance to protect themselves in the event of damage. Mobile and manufactured homes are becoming an increasingly popular form of homeownership throughout many regions of the country. Mobile homeownership provides people with the opportunity to build equity in an affordable home rather than continuously pay rent for an apartment without building any equity. It’s extremely important for all homeowners to carry insurance regardless of whether they own a traditional home or a mobile home.

What Types of Damage Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Mobile home insurance can protect you against many different types of damage that could affect your home. Policies can insure you against damage caused by weather events such as lightning, windstorms, and hail. They can also help to address losses resulting from the acts of third parties such as theft or vandalism. In addition, your policy can cover losses due to fire, water damage, and falling objects.

What Will Your Policy Safeguard?

The primary purpose of a mobile insurance policy is to cover damage caused to the physical structure of your mobile home; this may include flooring, windows, or your home’s tie-down anchoring system. Additionally, your policy’s coverage can also protect against damage to your personal belongings inside of your mobile home.

Top 3 Places Mold Shows Up in Your Home

Mold is an issue for any homeowner because it can get into the air you and your family breathe, causing various respiratory problems. Sometimes, mold can hide behind the drywall in your home, especially in places that get a lot of moisture. For effective mold prevention in your home, you need to know these common areas where mold can show up.

  1. Ambient Steam

Any room in your home that produces steam can become a breeding ground for mold. Water in the air can be tricky since it moves away from its source and can settle as moisture in other places. Make sure any spaces with steam are properly ventilated.

  1. Wet Appliances

Any appliance that uses water, such as your coffee maker or washing machine, can contribute to mold in your home. Keep all such appliances dry when not in use for better mold prevention.

  1. Pooled Water

Sinks are another place water can accumulate, leading to issues with mold. Keep your sinks and tub well-drained to prevent mold.

What To Do About Mold

Mold prevention is an important part of being a homeowner. However, if mold does start to grow, you need to handle it quickly. With on your side, you are covered in case mold does develop in your home. Hire a cleaning crew and keep an eye out for future buildup.

Homeowners Insurance CT and New Homeowners

Buying a home is the culmination of a lot of hard work and is often the answer to your dreams as well. Now that you have added a valuable asset to your portfolio, you need to consider all of the issues that come with this. Everything from plumbing, electrical problems, even issues with the foundation of the house could cost several thousand dollars to repair if you’re not properly insured.


And if you haven’t started a family yet, and it’s part of the plan, hopefully, you’ve bought a place large enough to accommodate an expanding family. But first things first, and that means protecting your new property with a homeowners insurance CT policy. This important coverage is a requirement and most lenders will decline buyers until they secure a policy.


The simple fact is that you probably won’t be able to afford to rebuild your home and replace everything in it if there’s ever a disaster resulting in substantial damage to your home. Not only can your homeowner’s insurance coverage protect your property, but also most, if not all, of your personal possessions as well.


Coverage for all types of exposures


As a new homeowner you really need to have insurance. It’s a policy that provides coverage in the event that your property is destroyed or damaged by anything from a fire or windstorm, to theft or vandalism, and much more. For example, if someone, perhaps a friend, a neighbor, the postman, or even a complete stranger, happens to be injured while on any part of your property, with the right insurance coverage you’ll feel safe in knowing that, in the event of a lawsuit for any serious injury, your property will be protected.


Having a policy really helps, no matter what type of home you own. Even if you live in a condominium, you should understand that the condo association or cooperative isn’t responsible to pay for any damage inside your unit, regardless of how it was caused (such as a pipe bursting or an electrical fire). After all of your hard work to make your dream come true, don’t let a lack of coverage, or even being underinsured, be a cause for personal misery. Make sure you purchase adequate homeowners insurance in CT to cover rebuilding your home from top to bottom.