Grow Your Insurance Company’s Online Presence

Are you wondering why your insurance company isn’t in the top search engine results? Your company has wonderful customer service, your employees have strong work ethics and your rates are top-notch, so what isn’t working?

Expanding Your Brand

What’s not clicking is how you are using insurance marketing companies. Collaborating with agencies specifically to market your insurance company allows you to do the following:

  • Optimize your online presence
  • Practice consistent and effective branding
  • Provide an experience that is tailored to your company’s unique goals and visions
  • Create a website that is just as helpful on a smartphone as it is on a desktop
  • Find new leads that will help to grow your business

Through building and establishing a social media and online brand for your company, you can reach anyone who is looking to buy insurance.

Conquering the Online Market

According to, Americans spend about 37 minutes of networking on social media each day. Use the new online market to your advantage. Drive new clients to your website by revamping your brand aesthetic, social media content and your digital marketing.

Gaining traction online doesn’t have to be difficult. Your expertise is there. The next step is revolutionizing your search engine optimization with the help of an experienced marketing firm. Expanding your online footprint, your profits and your client portfolio is made easy with insurance marketing companies.

Understanding a Single Parent Captive

When organizations and corporations look for insurance alternatives and ways to manage their corporate risk they oftentimes turn to insurance captives.

When it comes to insurance captives available to businesses, the single parent captive (or pure captive) is the most simple. When one organization or company owns, controls and manages a captive it is considered a single-parent captive. These single-parent captives are formed to insure the company and its subsidiaries. Companies choose to utilize single-parent captives because they can help regulate insurance costs with more consistent and stable pricing from year to year. Organizations are drawn to captives because they offer flexibility. The owners maintain control of coverage, limits and providers as well as other operational aspects.

Industry experts like Caitlin Morgan cite single-parent captives as the most popular type of captive in the market today. Single-parent captives have been around for decades and continue to provide the lower costs and improved cash flow companies are looking for. There are numerous benefits to taking advantage of insurance captives but there are things to consider, too. Make sure you partner with an industry expert before you make your decisions. A little proactive research on your part can ensure you choose the right insurance coverage for your organization.

Considerations for Cleaning Services

Considerations for Cleaning Services

When schedules are cramped, or space needs special attention, cleaning services are a popular choice for many residences or businesses. Though basic housekeeping may be manageable for the average person, this might not be an option for those pressed for time or needing the job done on an expert level. Because of this, professional cleaning services are often sought after. However, like all businesses, all cleaning services are not equal. If you currently have or are considering running your own, it is important to stand out from the competition and protect your assets with cleaning service insurance.

Types of Jobs

While you may have control of the type of jobs you want to take on, it is helpful to understand the market and the potential clients that may require your services. Cleaning services are often tasked with the following responsibilities:

Everyday housekeeping
Deep cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis
Preparing areas for inspection
Using specialized equipment to perform tasks


The cleaning industry needs coverage like other businesses but getting a plan that’s tailor-made can be very useful. Specialized cleaning service insurance can help ensure that the unique exposures that those in this business face are covered in case there are any damages, equipment failure or other risks while on the job. Before even accepting clients, it is advised to make sure to establish this coverage.

Navigate Staffing Industry Risks With Workers Compensation Insurance

Due to the range of industries they work with, staffing agencies can be liable for a wide array of issues. While insurance covering services, labor and placement can be vital, Workers’ Compensation staffing agency insurance can also prove imperative.

Common Claims

Almost 20 percent of days spent away from work can be accounted for by truck operators, law enforcement officers, custodians and healthcare professionals. While accidents may occur in any line of employment, they often vary depending on the environment and duties performed. The following are some of the most common:

  • Falls, trips or slips. Wet floors and icy walkways are a few of the most frequent causes of slip and fall incidents. Workers may also tumble down stairs or off of roofs, ladders or elevated workspaces.
  • Bodily reaction injuries. Slipping and tripping may not always produce a fall. However, sprained or twisted ankles and harm to other extremities can still result.
  • Excessive exertion. Frequently seen in physical labor positions such as construction, law enforcement and factory work, excessive exertion can injure joints and muscles. Typical causes include pushing, lifting, throwing or pulling beyond reasonable movement range.

Appropriate Coverage

Accidents can happen at any time. Holding top quality Workers’ Compensation staffing agency insurance can help to protect against unforeseen, costly and damaging occurrences. In the event of illness or injury, policies cover lost wages, rehabilitation, medical expenses, death benefits and permanent disability. Experienced insurance companies can help to ensure that proper coverage is in place so staffing agencies can direct their focus where it belongs.

Making Use of Insurance Agent Marketing Ideas

The list of insurance agent marketing ideas that are available online is quite expansive. There are literally thousands of creative ideas out there, but not all of the tactics available to you may get the results you desire. Still, there are some very good ways to promote the sales of insurance, and while you may have tried several marketing ideas in the past, there may still be some that you have yet attempted to use.

A good marketing plan requires a bit of effort due to the fact that there is a lot of competition in the insurance industry nowadays, and the Internet has upped the ante among agencies with competing websites. The hardest part of becoming successful is getting the attention of your intended audience.

Develop a relationship with prospective clients

Finding potential clients and establishing a relationship with them is one of the most challenging aspects of working as an insurance agent. The trick is to create a certain amount of familiarity and trust in order to make people feel comfortable discussing their insurance needs. Once their trust is gained, hopefully prospective clients will readily agree to give you the time necessary to go over their current financial situation.

Your job, as a knowledgeable agent, is to help them figure out if they have made provisions that will satisfy their needs now and moving into the future. This can better aid you in developing a successful partnership with them, as well as help your career as an agent.

Participating in community events

Seek out public events, such as community fairs or multi-cultural festivals taking place in your neighborhood or surrounding areas. As a local businessperson, you may even be invited to participate. This will allow you to dispense useful information about services and products that you believe can help elevate these neighborhoods. Those in attendance can ask questions in order to get to know more about you and your services and this can even help you generate some useful leads.

Have those interested parties fill out forms providing their names and phone numbers and offer them a free financial consultation. This will help establish you as a person who is knowledgeable, and one that can give the necessary assistance when they feel ready to discuss their insurance needs. This is how successful insurance agent marketing ideas can help to improve your numbers.