How Your Business Can Benefit From D&O Insurance

management liability insurance specialist

Every business is unique, with their own particular set of issues and concerns. A management liability insurance specialist helps clients identify and prioritize their Directors and Officers insurance needs. From wrongful termination and discrimination to negligent supervision and harassment, management liability insurance products can protect individuals and organizations against claims filed.

For organizations on the leading edge of their industry, a management liability expert can recommend policies that can protect from unfair competition and antitrust claims. The right product can be invaluable as these suits can generate exorbitant defense and settlement costs. While this scenario is what many people think of when considering D&O insurance, it is not the only one.

  • Government and regulatory agency investigations generate significant defense costs, even if the organization is indemnified. Settlement amounts may be severe if wrong-doing is proven.
  • Lenders may seek restitution from individual board members if the business files for bankruptcy.
  • The personal resources of directors and officers may be directly tied to company assets, making protection from claims launched against the company, crucial.

Trends in data privacy claims, environmental disputes, and merger-objection suits have made D&O insurance more critical than ever before. A management liability insurance specialist can help you navigate through the murky waters of claims protection and help safeguard you and your business with the solution that is right for you.