Build Community With Custom Insurance

US risk underwriters

Organizing a community comes with its own set of risks. Sharing spaces, including common areas, pools, and laundry rooms, brings residents closer together, but it also means that a separate organization needs to be in charge of maintaining those areas. The job of a community organization is not only to maintain the health and well being of those residents, but ensure that your interests are also secure in case the unthinkable occurs. From personal injury and property loss to director and officer protection, US Risk underwriters offers community association insurance perfect for any situation. No two communities are exactly the same, and their insurance should look identical either.

With a plethora of options, Tailored Community Insurance Plans bring a lot to the table. Covering residential spaces like condominiums, brownstones, and townhouses, plans can be customized for nontraditional locales like Co-Ops and single-family homes. Primary coverages can be adapted to your specific locations, with primary coverages including property, crime, equipment breakdown, and employee benefits liability. Optional additions like worker’s compensation and auto liability are available as well. In addition, we carefully examine replacement property costs to ensure you choose the best coverage amounts if a loss occurs. When looking for community association insurance, US risk underwriters has a made-to-measure policy with you in mind.