Boat Owners Need Coverage Designed for Their Needs

personal insurance for California marinas

As the owner of a boat or yacht, you have a serious investment that needs just the right coverage to ensure that you can fix or replace anything that happens to your vessel. You may experience damage from inclement weather, be involved in an accident with reckless boaters, or become the victim of any number of unexpected accidents.


When you own a personal watercraft you’re susceptible to a variety of risks. And you must realize that it only takes one major problem to put the brakes on your fun. It really makes sense to keep your boat, as well as your passengers, protected at all times. Enlist the right agency and the right agent that can help you to stay afloat by finding personal insurance for California marinas that is just right for you. After all, your primary concern is to keep your vessel properly insured when an issue arises.


Types of coverage options


Most insurers will give you options on the coverage available to you. Property insurance will cover your hull, sails, any built-in equipment and furnishings, pay salvage expenses, towing, or collision damage to your boat from an accident you cause. In addition you’ll have coverage for fishing or any other special equipment aboard.


You’ll even be provided roadside assistance, including for your tow vehicle. Ask about additional enhancements often made available to cover damage from corroded hull fittings or other wear and tear that may often go unnoticed.


Marine liability insurance covers damage you may cause to someone else’s property along with any boat-related injuries you’re responsible for. You’ll also have access to broader coverage for bodily injury to occupants of your boat or others who become injured outside of your boat as a result of something you may have done.


Many liability policies are designed to cover your legal defense if you’re sued over a boating accident, and this can help pay for monetary settlements or judgments against you as well. You may even want to invest in some type of fuel-spill coverage. With so many exposures, and all of the risks involved, it pays to look into insurance for California marinas and get the protection that you deserve.