Adding Exclusivity to Website Templates

insurance website templates

For independent agents and brokers, a website may be the best way to attract new clients and to keep the existing client base. Insurance website templates can seem more attractive than custom-built sites if they are less expensive than a site designed for a particular office or broker. Website builders may advertise having a “quick and easy” wizard, which can be appealing for businesses that want to be up and running fast. There are ways to take advantage of the template benefits and still make it stand out from the crowd.


Insurance website templates often come with stock photos and graphics; they may be the same used for many sites, in a variety of industries. Modifying a template with images that are specific to an area or office can give the customized look and feel without the exclusive price tag.

Browser Friendly

A website may not help grow the client-base if it doesn’t show up in browser search results. Customize the site content using words and phrases that a web search may contain.

Having an online presence in today’s market can be viewed as a necessity. Personalizing insurance website templates may be the right balance between a bland, generic site and a custom-built brand platform.