Adapting Your Insurance Practices to Address COVID-19 Concerns

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The coronavirus has had a significant impact on the insurance industry, with COVID-19 creating economic hardship and serious health concerns for businesses, consumers, and entire communities. Insurance companies are generally where people turn in the event of a crisis, as coverage plans help homes and companies address the risks and provide a cushion against severe losses. However, the pandemic has shown how insurance companies can also be impacted by economic distress and volatility in the financial sector.

Crisis Management and Response

As an insurance company, you can address the needs of your consumers more easily with insurance resources focused on the COVID-19. There are a number of concerns that you will face over the next few months. These include:

  • Adequate communication with policyholders, prospective consumers, and employees
  • Thorough sanitation measures for employees and policyholders
  • Compliance with local and federal safety requirements
  • Cybersecurity protection during the crisis

Consistent Operations and Service

In addition to worrying about the economy and how the state of the financial sector will impact your company’s bottom line, you need to make sure you can deliver consistent service through a crisis. With COVID-19 concerns, you may need to explore increased delivery of services through digital measures and upgrade your self-service options for policyholders. You may also need to establish payment or delinquency policies to help consumers navigate the next months of financial hardship more successfully.