Specialty Insurance for a Specialty Business

Short haul trucking insurance programs

Trucking is an almost exclusively a small business industry with a bright future and some challenging obstacles. Insurance costs is one of the largest issues facing trucking firms today. Short haul trucking insurance programs can offer a good way for companies to get the coverage they need while helping them to remain profitable.

What is Driving Up Prices?

The number of fatal accidents involving trucks is on the rise, and its one of the top reasons insurance rates keep climbing. Other reasons include:

  • Chosen coverage options
  • Deductible amounts
  • Damage limit requirements

Often there is only so much a trucking firm can do to reduce these costs as many are state-mandated or required by carriers.

What is the Solution?

Working with a specialty company who brings together each party involved in the trucking process can make things more cost effective for everyone involved. Determine exactly what coverage you need and which you don’t. Paying for something that doesn’t apply to your business can add up to large unnecessary costs, while not paying for coverage you need, can be disastrous in the case of an accident or loss of cargo.

Insurance coverage, although necessary, can be one of the biggest cost struggles for a trucking firm to manage. Make sure to review all of the short haul trucking insurance programs available to you to make the best decision for your business.