3 Most Common Types of Aircraft Covered by Insurance

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People with sufficient means and resources can own and operate their own aircraft for their individual purposes. They are likely to obtain an insurance plan for their private planes and helicopters to reduce inherent risk. However, www.isurepro.com lists other uncommon aircraft types covered by insurance that protect their owners and passengers from numerous dangers.


Unlike regular airplanes, jets use the gas discharge to create thrust, which allows for higher altitudes and greater speed that rivals or overcomes the speed of sound. These conditions can lead to greater danger for the operators. An insurance plan accounts for potential hazards, as well as liability, fuel and other factors.


Also known as kit aircraft, they are built from assembly kits bought by non-professional owners. They build and fly these airplanes as a hobby, but the nature of the vehicles increases risk compared to other types. An aircraft insurance broker can offer these enthusiasts insurance programs that relieve concerns specific to these planes.


Some organizations develop new aircraft technology that must be tested before further development and production. These vehicles are flown by professional pilots with experimental permits. Still, the unproven status of the technology invites more potential hazards than standard planes, so a customized policy can help.

The insurance extends beyond private passenger planes to other aircraft with different functions. Owners can talk to an agency to create a plan that addresses their necessities.