3 Common Types of Business Insurance

North Star in Massachusetts

Businesses are exposed to particular types of risks even before the first employee is hired, the first customer comes through the door and the first vendor order is placed. North Star in Massachusetts offers a wide range of insurance solutions that can protect against these risks. Commercial programs can be tailored based on the type of organization and risk exposure.

General liability insurance covers businesses against claims or lawsuits that are brought as a result of accidents, injuries or negligence. Coverage may include a variety of areas from property damage, personal injury, and slander to bodily harm and false advertisement resulting from an organization’s products, operations or services.

Product liability insurance protects against claims that arise from defective products that cause harm or injury. In some cases, it may be included as part of a general liability insurance policy. Coverage typically varies based on the industry and type of product. Manufacturers, restaurant owners, and retailers may be at the most significant risk and carry substantial coverage in this area.

Property insurance policies cover businesses located in a standard commercial building. They address loss and damage as a result of theft, fire, hail, vandalism, and wind. North Star in Massachusetts customizes risk management and insurance solutions based on industry and risk profile, giving small business owners peace of mind, and the protection they need.